Dear customers. Due to flights restrictions in the USA, Australia and the UK we have many parcels waiting for the flight in Singapore. In addition your country customs are working slower due to measures for disinfection and sterilization. This all affects on delivery time and on the tracking reflection. We still ship your parcels but delivery time may be up to 30 days. We thank you so much for your patience. Take care and stay safe!


Firstly, you need to type in the unique sixteen-digit number for your card if it is a Discover, Visa, or Mastercard. The next step is the verification of your details. Neo Modafinil needs to verify your card to decrease any fraudulent occurrences. To complete the verification your address and security code (on the opposite side of the debit card) need to be entered. Your zip code and the one the bank has on record for you must correlate. When you buy modafinil online, every order will be treated as a “credit card” purchase, and the money is taken from your account over a handful of working days.

Once transaction is completed an email will be sent to you from our offices, confirming your order will be on its way to you. On there will be listed where the payment is billed to, your number for your order, where the package must be shipped to, and an item-by-item list of everything you have bought. Once the package is on the move, you will be sent another email detailing your shipping information. However, by making use of the option of tracking your parcel, you will also receive all information on how it is being tracked.



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