Buying modafinil through bitcoins has never been so simple.

Not everyone is familiar with Bitcoin, mostly because it’s a new and fairly involved form of money. However almost all modafinil store offers to order modafinil using Bitcoins. Where is the trick? Bitcoin is entirely internet-based and digital. It is produced by special participants in the network, called “miners.” Like the internet, Bitcoin does not belong to any nation in particular. Its value tends to change a lot compared to traditional currencies, although so far Bitcoin has benefitted from a steadily rising exchange rate.

Bitcoin is very useful for buying goods or services over the internet, particularly such things as banks or credit card companies forbid you from purchasing. For example, Bitcoin is great for purchasing certain medicines over the internet. Thus we offer a huge discount if you buy modafinil with Bitcoins at our store. It this sounds like an interesting monetary tool, we’ll explain how you can go about purchasing your first bitcoins. There are multiple ways to achieve this and they’re all fairly simple.

Firstly, don’t be deterred by Bitcoin’s high value. It’s possible to purchase it in fractional increments, as small as 0.00000001 bitcoins (currency code: “BTC”) which is fully matches your modafinil order amount total. You can purchase only as much bitcoin as necessary to pay for whatever goods or services you desire.

Bitcoin is entirely legal in America, Europe and almost everywhere else in the world. It can be sent to people within half an hour and is very safe to use. As we love the security and convenience of Bitcoin, we offer a significant discount of 20% to anyone who chooses to buy modafinil for Bitcoins.

Here’s how to pay for items in our store using BTC:

  • 1) Navigate to the Checkout screen and select “Bitcoin” for the payment method. An invoice specific to your modafinil purchase will be automatically generated, informing you of the required amount of BTC and our Bitcoin wallet address to which the payment must be sent. Your 20% Bitcoin discount is automatically deducted from the BTC price on your invoice.
  • 2) Send the BTC to our wallet from your wallet. Open your wallet and navigate to its “Send,” “Pay” or similar tab. Then copy our receiving address and paste it into your Bitcoin wallet’s “sent to” (or similar field). Enter the correct sum to be paid then click “send” or “pay,” etc. in your wallet and confirm the payment.
  • 3) You’re done! The Bitcoin network will now process your payment. This shouldn’t take more than a few hours but may be as quick as a few minutes.

In the nearesf future we will set up another cryptocurrency payments and you would be able to buy modafinil online using Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Monero (XMR).

The Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin allows you to be your own bank - you have complete control over your bitcoins so they can never be frozen or confiscated. The fees to transact in Bitcoin are also lower than most other options, such as credit cards. Although Bitcoin takes some getting used to, once you’ve figured it out it’s a great way to control your money without giving up your personal information.

Another bonus is many vendors - like ourselves - offer Bitcoin discounts. We give a whopping 20% off for it! We’re sure you’ll agree that Bitcoin is a great way to buy things online. It’s also fast - it shouldn’t take more than a few hours for us to get the bitcoins and we’ll ship your Modafinil and send your tracking number within 24 hours!

Alternate Bitcoin Exchanges

Another good site offering credit card purchases of Bitcoin is They also allow you buy via a bank wire payment and offer an online wallet to store your Bitcoin. Coinmama’s credit card processing fees are a little higher than Coinbase’s but they offer a great, professional service and are far less interested in how you spend your bitcoins after purchase.

Note that it’s generally best to store bitcoins in a personal wallet on your secured computer but using an exchange wallet is fine for making quick purchases.

Another good candidate is, a European exchange. They have been around a long time without any major problems. They are deeply involved in various aspects of Bitcoin, such as mining, as well as their popular exchange function. will require a fair amount of personal information from you for verification purposes. They’re a great option for making a credit card purchase of bitcoins from just about anywhere in the world. CEX also has slightly higher fees than Coinbase for making a credit card purchase but they also offer other the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Buying Bitcoin with your Bank Account

There are numerous options for buying Bitcoin via bank wire., or are all worthy options which let you deposit money straight from your bank account in order to purchase bitcoins. Although bank transfers take at least a few days, they’re fairly easy to perform and a reliable and cost-effective method for buying Bitcoin. is a major Bitcoin exchange and works with various major national currencies, such as USD, CAD, GBP, EUR and JPY. As with using PayPal, to buy bitcoins from Kraken you first have to create an account and then link it to your savings or chequing bank account. After that, you can withdraw or deposit money or Bitcoin for exchange.

Bank wire purchases are often more economic than credit card purchases due to the lower charges.

One more option for buying bitcoins using the bank wire method is They cover the UK market exclusively. They offer a very convenient service and you needn’t send in document scans for verification if you’re buying small amounts of bitcoin. You only need to provide an email address and your banking details to buy bitcoins from them with Pounds.

Buying Bitcoin by Cash, Cheque, Gift Card or PayPal


To arrange a meeting with someone willing to sell Bitcoin for cash, is the most popular option by far. It is available in almost every country in the world and allows you to find a bitcoin seller (or buyer) using just about any payment method, from bank transfer to credit card, cash, payment service, etc.

To find a good seller on LocalBitcoins, check their trader feedback for past reports on their service. Keep in mind that you’ll likely pay a higher rate for bitcoins using this service, as they don’t require any personal information for verification purposes and this convenience comes at a cost.

LocalBitcoins will also serve to secure your cash purchase if you use their escrow option. Be sure to read their instructions carefully before trading to improve your transactional security.

Another method of cash purchase are Bitcoin ATMs or “BTMs.” Check out the site to find ATMs close to you. You should be able to find one in major cities in the USA and Europe. They let you pay cash (and sometimes via other methods) to get bitcoin and are usually light on verification procedures.


Options for purchasing bitcoins via cheque are pretty light on the ground, for the simple reason that cheques are risky to sellers. is one site which offers this payment method. To buy from them, you place an order for your coins then mail them a personal check. Once it clears, they send your coins to you.

Gift Cards will let you buy Bitcoin using MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover gift cards. This is a pretty fast way to get bitcoins and perhaps as little safer, as you first buy the gift card from an established credit card company using your bank details and then exchange it for bitcoins without having to provide any banking details. The method is rather expensive however.


PayPal is somewhat similar to checks in that it’s risky for the seller, due to the possibility of reversing the payment. However, certain sellers will accept this method although it usually costs a lot due to the inherent risk.

If you use VirWox (the Virtual World Exchange) to purchase Linden tokens for the game Second Life, you can then convert these into bitcoins. This method is somewhat roundabout and may incur costs up to 10% but it is one of the most reliable ways of buying bitcoins for PayPal. This method might just work for you if you can’t use a credit / debit card or bank wire for some reason.

Whichever method you decide upon to buy your bitcoins, you’ll find a huge variety of sites to accommodate you. It’s best to research such sites to ensure they’re legitimate. You might even consider buying a little extra bitcoins - not only can they be very useful for various internet purchases but they could also prove to be a rewarding investment in the future.

Bitcoin Exchanges Servicing the United Kingdom


This exchange is based in Slovenia and accepts deposits via SEPA transfer or eCheck. They also take MasterCard and Visa credit / debit cards from UK clients, as well as several other payment methods.


This exchange is based in London and boast a perfect security record for their multi-sig (ie., requiring authorization from multiple parties) Bitcoin storage vault. Coinfloor has been approved from HMRC to operate as a money exchanger. They accept GBP deposits if made via SEPA. They charge ?10 to withdraw funds and ?5 to deposit them. Different charges are levied upon other currencies.


CoinCorner is headquartered on the Isle of Man and provide a service somewhere between a decentralized and traditional exchange. By depositing to your CoinCorner account, you are able trade with holders of Bitcoin as well as Dogecoin and Litecoin. CoinCorner take Visa and MasterCard credit / debit cards with the 3D Secure feature. You may also deposit money to them via a SEPA bank wire. The exchange has no fees over the bank charges for deposits although they will impose a ?10 charge on Pound withdrawals. As with many other exchanges, they provide a wallet app for mobile devices, although a full computer-based wallet, such as Bitcoin Core or a light wallet such as Electrum, is recommended as more secure.


Coinbase has been serving the UK Bitcoin market for some time. They accept deposits via credit or debit cards which support 3D Secure. You may buy bitcoins directly from Coinbase or trade on their GDAX exchange.


The well-known Kraken exchange is headquartered in the USA but have a European banking partner to enable GBP deposits via SEPA transfer. Kraken will also accept Euros and US Dollars. Kraken claim to be industry leaders in security and offer a wide range of cryptocurrencies.


Another European Bitcoin exchange which allows the purchase of bitcoins via multiple payment methods and currencies, including the British Pound.


Similar to Coinbase and Kraken; another major US exchange. However, Circle only accepts bank transfers from within the USA. They do however accept credit or debit cards from most others countries around the world.


This Australian exchange is accessible to clients from the United Kingdom who deposit funds via debit / credit card.

For further options for countries all around the world and their applicable payment methods, check out the handy website

Bitcoin Brokers Servicing the United Kingdom

A Bitcoin brokerage is slightly different than an exchange, in that the service sells you their bitcoins directly rather than enabling trades between their clients.


This brokerage service is based in London and have very high limits for bitcoin sales and purchases. You may deposit cash to them at any bank teller or send them money via the UK Faster Payments service. They provide automated cash payments via an ATM situated within the The Vape Lab business, located at 232 Shoreditch High Street. For the purchase of higher amounts, above 2,000 Pounds or so, it’s recommended to purchase from QuickBitcoin over the counter (OTC). They will take US Dollars and Euros in addition to Pounds for such purchases.

Peer to Peer (P2P) Exchanges Servicing the United Kingdom

Peer to peer exchanges work as order matching services for their participants but are not directly involved in any monetary exchanges between clients. Generally their role is to provide a location for buyers and sellers to meet and agree to a trade, for whichever price and payment method they prefer. The P2P exchange then secures the trade via an escrow service and allows feedback to be recorded by both parties.


Perhaps the oldest P2P Bitcoin exchange service running, LocalBitcoins has developed reliable procedures for securing trades of all kinds. They also tend to have the highest volume of traders for a given area. LocalBitcoins charges a low fee (around 1%) for their service.


This UK-based P2P Bitcoin exchange not only allows for the trading of bitcoins but an additional 11 alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins). Sellers on this service may accept any of the following payment options: UK bank or SEPA transfers, RBC’s Pay Your Contact service, cash deposits at British shops, MasterCard / Visa payments and the Barclays PingIt or Paym mobile payments services.


This site serves to facilitate Bitcoin or Litecoin trading between private people. The site allows for a variety of local payment solutions, including UK bank transfers, RBC’s Pay Your Contact service and the Barclays PingIt or Paym mobile payments services. BitBargain only charges service fees on additional options, such as SMS notifications.

Coinfloor Market

Coinfloor is a well-known British Bitcoin exchange which enabled their own unique form of marketplace back in mid-2015. Their marketplace somewhat blurs the boundary between a P2P exchange and a brokerage service, as only approved brokers are allows to sell bitcoins there. This gives you the privacy of a P2P marketplace with the security of a vetted brokerage service. They accept fast payment processing via the UK Faster Payments method.


UK bitcoin buyers can visit Cryptomate for all their Bitcoin purchasing needs. Cryptomate also offers Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin and many other altcoins. Their system utilizes UK bank payments with the Faster Payments service, with coins dispatched as soon as the funds clear. Using their exchange, it’s quite possible to receive your coins within an hour of payment. The daily limit for unverified users is a fairly generous ?250. If you submit identity verification documents, you can raise this limit to ?1000.

What is about Coinbase?

We are not responsible for this service.

It could take a delay up to 1-2-3 weeks for the actual coins purchase on Coinbase due to account verification at that service.

But Where Do I buy Bitcoins?

If you’re totally new to Bitcoin, then naturally you’ll need to get some before you can qualify for our discount! Although you can earn Bitcoin through work or selling stuff, the quickest way is to exchange regular money for them. If you’re living in the USA, then Coinbase is a reliable and tested option. You can buy from Coinbase using a debit or credit cards, it’s really fast and simple:

  • 1) Visit Visit - you can download their app for your Android or iOS smart phone if you desire.
  • 2) Create a Coinbase account
  • 3) Buy your BTC via credit or debit card - this is fast and easy but incurs a 4% fee.
  • 4) Refer to the instructions above for how to send your new BTC to our wallet to pay for your shopping.

Buying Bitcoin from Coinbase with a Credit Card or Bank wire method

Although it’s cheaper to connect your bank account, using a credit card is a really fast and easy way to buy bitcoins for your modafinil order from After creating an account, select credit card as your deposit method. Bank wires or credit cards from most countries in the world are also acceptable.

After depositing money to your Coinbase account, you may convert it to Bitcoin and either send it to another Coinbase account or withdraw it to your own Bitcoin wallet for safekeeping. Coinbase has low fees for credit card purchases compared to most other Bitcoin exchanges which offer this payment method.

You can sign up to Coinbase using your phone number or email. The process is very quick. We recommend that first-time users use the credit card payment option over the bank wire method, as it is faster and more familiar to most people. Coinbase accepts both MasterCard and Visa. They will also accept bank wires in a variety of fiat currencies, including GBP, EUR and of course USD. You may also use Coinbase to sell your bitcoins for any of these currencies if you have any change remaining or cancel your purchase from us.

Note that Coinbase may track how you spend your bitcoins and close your account if they see the funds going towards gambling or other purposes they consider illicit.