How to buy modafinil with Nano

At this page you will find complete information about how to buy Nano and later buy modafinil with nano. First you need to visit our website, choose the product and follow the billing page. After you fill out your address, just choose Nano as a payment option and press “complete order”. On the screen you will see an invoice of the following kind:

"Total: $75
Discount for using NANO(XRB): $15
Total to be PAID: $60
You should pay TOTAL of 73.17 NANO (XRB).
Payment details : INVOICE ABCD1112223334444
Please pay to NANO address :xrb_0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000'"

Please keep this page open or just copy your our invoice on file. Now you need to get Nano.

The first you need is to set up a wallet to store the Nano. You can either set an online or desktop wallet. In this guide we'll stick with online wallet. If you wish to stick to desktop wallet, you can download one here.

So, go to and press 'Sign up'. Enter your email address along with password of high strength. Note: if you lose a password to raiwallet you may lose your coins. Press 'Sign up'.

Before you open Nano wallet we want to admit that It’s extremely important that account information is backed up in a safe, secure, and private place, such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive. In the case of losing this information, you may not be able to access your coins. If someone finds your Seed, they may take coins from your wallet. Once you backed up the information, click on ‘Go to your wallet.’

Creating wallet. You will be shown your wallet address that consists of a long string of letters and numbers, under the ‘Your account(s)’ headline. Make a copy of this address and keep it safe, as it will be required later.

Now we will buy the famous cryptocurrency Ethereum in order to exchange it for Nano (skip this step if you already have Ethereum) and later to buy modafinil with nano at our store. Select your type of Ethereum exchange by clicking on the logo, and this guide will proceed. Select your exchange:


Works in 32 countries. Accepts bank transfers and debit/credit cards. Has low purchase limits initially and increases with use. Requires ID verification.

99% of the countries covered worldwide. Accepts bank transfers and debit/credit cards. High purchase limits initially, compared to other exchanges. Requires ID verification.


Coinmama supports 180+ countries. Accepts debit/credit cards