Buy modafinil with Ethereum online

Starting July 1-st 2017 you can buy modafinil with Ethereum online right at neomodafinil store. Ethereum is based on Bitcoin’s blockchain technology but extends the application beyond money to the execution of “smart contracts;” agreements written in computer code. These contracts allow for all kinds of applications to be run on the Ethereum platform. Ethereum was proposed in 2013 and launched in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin.

Ethereum is flexible due to its Turing-complete nature, ie. it contains much of the functionality of regular programming languages. It may be used for crowdfunding (“ICOs”), voting, DNS, governance, contracts, cryptocurrency exchange, and so on. Ether is growing popularity in the cryptoc currency area and we are happy to offer Ethereum payments for your modafinil orders. With ethereum you can buy modafinil and armodafinil brands online such as: Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil and Artvigil. Ethereum is a worldwide currency so no matter if you are located in the USA, UK, Australia, Homg Kong, Singapore, Europe, you will get your transaction approved.

Explaining Ether (ETH)

The currency used to access the Ethereum network is known as Ether (ticker name: ETH). To use Ethereum’s applications, ETH is necessary. As with Bitcoin (BTC), Ether may be mined or exchanged for regular money, goods, or services. “Ethereum” is used to refer to the general protocol or platform, including its network and code, whereas “ether” is the currency of that platform - simple enough!

ETH Stats

Eth was initially issued as a part of a crowdsale or ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Contributions to the project in 2014 were rewarded with pre-sale ethers, at a price of less than one US Dollar per ETH. The crowdsale achieved the following: 60 mln ETH was created and awarded to pre-sale buyers. 12 mln ETH was subtracted from this total and withheld in a so-called development fund, to be distributed between insiders and the Ethereum Foundation.

Uses of Ether

Ethereum creator doesn’t intend Ether to be used primarily as currency, but rather as fuel to power the Ethereum platform. Nevertheless, many traders and investors have adopted ETH tokens as a type of currency instrument and ETH has greatly appreciated as a result. This creates a degree of tension between those users wanting ETH to run applications and those wanting ETH for speculation and investment purposes.

Ethereum is more complicated and less mature compared to Bitcoin. It is harder for the average person to understand and use Ethereum and there are less learning resources available to beginners. However, if one is willing to brave the learning curve, various Ethereum wallets are freely available from Ethereum’s github, MyEtherWallet or the EthereumWallet. The latter is recommended for its easy-to-use interface.

New currency is coming soon. Litecoin, Monero and Ripple would be acceptable for your modafinil orders.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Ethereum (ETH)

When about $60 mln of Dollars’ worth of ether was “hacked” from the Slock.It project’s DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) - a smart contract which controlled a variety of crowdfunding projects - Vitalik Buterin was faced with a hard choice. He either had to honor Ethereum’s description of smart contracts, to whit that “code is law,” or split the network as a way to restore everyone’s investment. As the “hacker” only exploited the DAO’s existing code, it was argued by some that his actions were within the contract’s terms and he was therefore entitled to the ETH.

However, Vitalik ultimately decided to reverse all the transactions and return the ETH to its original owners. In doing so, Vitalik split the Ethereum blockchain between ETH (with ethers returned) and ETC (with hacker still in possession of tokens).

At the point of divergence, ETH and ETC were technically identical. Those who owned ETH on the original Ethereum chain were credited with a corresponding balance on the Ethereum Classic chain. ETC persists to this day, although it has a lower price, less miners and is not as widely supported as Ethereum.

How to buy modafinil with Ethereum using Cash, Credit Card or Wire Transfer

First you just need to place modafinil order with us and choose Ethereum payment option on the billing page. After you buy modafinil with ethereum and your order is completed you will get an email instructions with our ethereum wallet id where to send money to. Then you will need to open your Ethereum wallet. is one of the easiest wallets. After you have got your Wallet, you need to get some ethers to buy modafinil.Bitcoin exchanges does support Ethereum. These exchanges represent the simplest method to purchase ethers.

Getting Ether via Coinbase

Coinbase is America’s largest Bitcoin exchange and also offers Ethereum tokens for sale. They operate in numerous countries and allow various funding methods to make your ether purchase as simple as possible:

  • 1) Create an account on Coinbase
  • 2) Choose your desired funding method, such as linking your bank account or paying via credit card
  • 3) Find the “Buy / Sell option” on the site for ether and choose your desired amount, note that fractional units may be purchased
  • 4) Click the “Buy Ethereum” button.

If you require any further instruction, check out this guide to buying bitcoins on Coinbase; the process is much the same for ethers. You may also find this review of Coinbase helpful when deciding between ETH exchanges.

Coinbase fees are reasonable; about 1.5% for a bank transfer or 4% for a credit card purchase.

Ether via

is a long-standing Bitcoin exchange which caters mainly to the European market. They also accept credit card payments and bank transfers. It al looks almost like you buy modafinil online with cash, credit cards, wire transfer but using intermediary. has the advantage of catering to more countries than Coinbase. Note that fees on are included in the buying price. The process of purchasing ETH on is very straightforward:

  • 1) Create an account on
  • 2) Select your desired payment method, such as bank transfer or credit card payment
  • 3) Navigate to “Buy / Sell” and choose Ethereum
  • 4) Input the desired number of ETH which you can afford, note that fractional units may be purchased
  • 5) Click the “Buy Ethereum” button

Getting Ether with Bitcoin

If you have bitcoins you’d like to exchange for ethers, you can skip the delays and hassles of the fiat system altogether. There are numerous crypto-only online exchanges, such as Poloniex and Bittrex, which will allow you to trade BTC for ETH. There are also many exchanges which accept fiat but also provide BTC/ETH markets, such as Bitfinex.

By using the methods above to get bitcoins - or some other method - you may then exchange your bitcoins directly for ethers. So you bought modafinil, got our email confirmation with our wallet id, you have already opened an ethereum account, got your ethers transferred to your wallet. The last thing you will need to do is to transfer ethereum from your wallet id to our wallet id. After transfer is done you will get an email comfirmation from us. Thank you for buying modafinil with ethereum. We have approved your order.