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What is it?

Modaheal 200 is one of the brand names of the substance called modafinil. At the moment, Modafinil hasn't been officially approved by the FDA to treat ADHD. The research has been conducted to figure the way the drug influences the brain and how much of a smart drug it actually is. Researchers have not yet discovered the exact way the medication works, but it has been established that Modafinil boosts the levels of histamine to deal with sleep disorders. Histamine is a hormone in the human body responsible for the waking and sleeping cycle and it also keeps a person awake during the day. In addition to that, specialists are aware that Modafinil (Modaheal) inhibits the action of a dopamine transporter. When it comes to dopamine, it is a neurotransmitter that is associated with motivation and focus. Such influence of the drug leads to the increased levels of dopamine in neurons. It has been found that the levels of dopamine continued to remain normal even after the influence of Modafinil stopped.

What is it for?

Also, some scientists suggest that hypocretins and orexin, which are the brain peptides, also contribute to the action of Modafinil. These chemicals can be found in hypothalamus and influence neurons in different parts of the brain, including those related to wakefulness. When these neurons get activated, the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine increase, which leads to the boosting of histamine. The research involving animals has shown that Modafinil contributes to the increased levels of histamine in the brain. Modafinil is used in the military of Great Britain, Audtralia and the United States to promote high levels of functioning in the personnel for up to 40 hours at a time. Also, it has been noticed that the drug eliminates or reduces the problems associated with the lack of sleep. The studies have shown that Modafinil can be used to help people experiencing memory problems as a result of sleep deprivation, as it makes the mind a lot clearer. But, it should be mentioned that not all studies agree that the drug offers positive influence over psychomotor functioning in people. Overall, the medication allows people to experience the natural state of wakefulness for an extended time without the jitters that come with the consumption of caffeine or amphetamines. Those taking the drug off-label notice its positive influence on the memory, clarity, and problem-solving abilities. Modaheal 200 is modafinil manufactured by Healing Pharma India. Modaheal is one of the newest brands attracting more and more customers. Healing Pharma is one of the fast growing pharmaceutical companies in India

What is the dose / packaging?

Standard Modaheal blister contain 10 x 200 mg modafinil tablets. People might be wary of purchasing the more generic brands at NeoModafinil at first. However, most of the user reviews have reported that the Modafinil particulary Modaheal that's available through NeoModafinil at low prices is still high-quality and still delivers the promised effects. When buying modaheal you can use various payment options including Echeck, credit card or Bitcoin. Because it is a controlled substance in some countries, it is always advisable to get a prescription from your doctor before taking the drug. They will know if the drug is suitable for you to use and will be able to inform you of the side effects and risks. If you insist on buying it online, be aware of who you are purchasing from. Always buy from a reputable source with a large number of positive reviews. Be wary when buying nootropics online and exercise caution when taking them. Be aware that there is always the risk you may not even receive your goods as they could be seized at customs.