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When you buy modafinil from our store you can be sure of safety standards. All of your private data which you give to our site is encrypted with the help of the SSL protocol. If there is a lock symbol on your URL bar, along with a website address beginning in httpS, then SSL is protecting you. A good few million people are protected by SSL daily. This is particularly important when conducting any sort of transaction, or when the entering of personal data is taking place. It is now commonplace to see many websites with a padlock symbol, indicating they are being secured by SSL. Also note that a green web address is also secured by SSL but with an additional validation that has been extended. Neo Modafinil safeguarded by SSL do not start with the standard httP, but rather httpS.

You can be also sure your modafinil package will arrive safely. Every modafinil parcel we ship out is insured by NeoModafinil. Signing for your item once it is delivered could be a requirement. If your item goes missing, USPS / Local postal service will conduct a mandatory investigation. It is advised to connect with NeoModafinil, who will commence a tracker investigation within ten working days of the package being sent. A claim by USPS or any other postal service will be processed for the item if it cannot be found. However, processing times for claims may be as long as 2 weeks. Your item will be replaced when NeoModafinil issues an insurance reimbursement. If your original item is out of stock, and you refuse a substitute item, then the company refunds your initial payment. However, this is all subject to the carrier acknowledging to be at fault for the effected package.



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