Dear customers. Due to flights restrictions in the USA, Australia and the UK we have many parcels waiting for the flight in Singapore. In addition your country customs are working slower due to measures for disinfection and sterilization. This all affects on delivery time and on the tracking reflection. We still ship your parcels but delivery time may be up to 30 days. We thank you so much for your patience. Take care and stay safe!


When you buy modafinil from our compdany your order is shipped with free and fast delivery service called EMS. As soon as your package is in transit, a shipment email* detailing its movements will be sent to you. All information to do with tracking that parcel will be additionally attached to your email.

Whenever your modafinil package is being shipped, an email will be sent to confirm your shipment. This will connect you to your item’s tracking details. If order is large we may split it in several parcells and you will get several tracking numbers. Typically a smaller orders of 10-100 pills are delivered faster than larger orders. The difference in delivery times between smaller and larger orders may be up to 2-5 business days.

To access the tracking of your item, make sure you are connected to the account that was used to purchase your item, and then select the option detailing your tracking and the status of your order.



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