One of the best staple members of the nootropic category, Waklert  is closely related to another popular drug called Modalert. Actually, Waklert  contains only certain parts of Modafinil, called R-Modafinil, which is the most psychoactive substance in modafinil. 
Regardless of the fact that they are indeed very similar chemically, they interact differently with the brain and have slightly different side effects and benefits. Both of them have been approved for medicinal use in the cases of narcolepsy, shift work sleep disorder, as well as other conditions such as ADD. 
Due to the fact that both of these substances substantially improve the cognition and performance of individuals, they are usually banned from major sports and esports events, since they may cause the users to have an unfair advantage over their competitors. This of course is of no importance if you are looking to increase your performance in your personal and work life. 
Like modalert, waklert is manufactured by Sun Pharma, India and it is second popular brain enchancement drug in India.
We have gathered live experience from the whole web about the use of Waklert.
Experience 1:
Hangovers. The day I take it, I can really focus and get a lot done. The next day, I'm worthless, almost like I was drinking all night. 1 step forward, 2 steps back, for me.
Experience 2:
Waklert had worked really well for me. I take it first thing when I get up in the morning, then wait at least 1/2 before eating. 
At one point I was taking 2 doses (morning + midday) for a total of 150mg. Now I'm at 50 mg once a day plus caffeinated tea in the morning. If I do 150mg first thing, it keeps me up at night. Bases in what I've read here and people I talked to at the conference, my N (w/o C) is different from most. Symptoms seem to be less severe as I get older. My dad's followed a similar progression. One doc said anything under 150 mg of Armodafinil  was useless which completely contradicts my experience. But then everyone is different!
Im thankful for Waklert  every day! My problems are still challenging but it's allowed me to manage my symptoms well enough to have a full life, including a successful career as an aerospace engineer.
Experience 3:
I was on modalert  but then changed to Waklert. I find that I will still get sleepy sometimes doing the day. I know take a nap doing the day while in on my break. When I drive far my mom is with me. Keeping peppermint also works to give you a boost when you start feeling sleepy
Experience 4:
 I was on Waklert for over a year and it was amazing. It took an hour to kick in and so sometimes I’d wake up earlier to take it and fall back to sleep. I  switched to modalert. The first few days I felt fine during the day but had insomnia at night. I cut my dosage and that helped. I do notice it takes longer for it to take effect than Waklert and I seem to have a healthier appetite on modalert. I’ve never felt jittery but I’m sure my resting heart rate has increased which is a little worrisome but taking the meds have made such a drastic improvement for me that for now it’s worth it