Where to buy CPH4 alternative from the Lucy movie

The wildly successful 2014 Sci-fi thriller, Lucy left the public wondering just where they could get their share of the miracle working drugs. Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman starred in this film where the unsuspecting Lucy (Scarlett’s character) gets a taste of the intense drug CPH4. She becomes elevated from using the normal 10 percent of her brain power to becoming capable of using 100 percent of it.

This release of Lucy was not the first movie that got people excited about these types of medications. The same concept was explored in the film Limitless which featured Bradley Cooper, with a plot that centred around the super drug NZT. Recently the media has been full of these examples exploiting the idea to create this super human fantasy.

None of this is anything too original. People have always wanted that edge in their abilities. These films only exasperate how superb it would be for someone if they could read thoughts, interpret radio waves and be all knowing. Naturally because of this hype people want to know where they can get what can only be known as a truly super drug.

The truth behind CPH4

But before we get too carried away let’s touch base with reality a bit. Using only 10 percent of your brain comes from a misconception made by doctors and researchers before they knew much about how the brain worked. It then snowballed into the urban legend that has been popularised in the media.

We all use 100 percent of our brains just in different ways. This is split into conscious and unconscious functions. We only access our brain consciously for functions such as thinking for example trying to remember important dates or doing the math to figure out your budget before you head out for a shopping spree. It depends on what thoughts are going through your head, but this conscious functioning happens in various parts of your brain as you call upon it.

However, your brain predominantly functions at an unconscious level. In fact, this happens every second of everyday. Scans done on the brain of people doing basic functions such as walking suggest that your brain is doing hidden background operations as you walk along. Operations such as keeping your balance and planning your next set of steps. It is why you can be on your smartphone as you are walking. Your brain just carries on doing its thing automatically.

When we injure our brains, it can cause quite alarming malfunction. It would not be such a problem if we only functioned using 10 percent of our brainpower. Therefore, we must be using all of our brain all the time.

So, it is a fantasy to believe the 10 percent rule. Also, CPH4 is non-existent. Being bright blue it resembles something more like a prop for the next Hollywood sci-fi television series than medication meant to be consumed. Lucy explains the drug to originate from a molecule helping young children to put aside growing pains.

There is a completely different molecule called CPH4. Fully it is labelled, 6-carboxytetrahydropterin synthase. This enzyme is present in many organisms but predominantly within bacteria. The Enzyme helps other molecules carry on their duties in cell functionality. The molecule Quazodine which keeps the tRNA of bacterial cells together Is what the enzyme, CPH4 creates. Bacteria don’t even have brains and the enzyme just keeps the molecules together.

Because of this super drug hysteria caused by movies such as Lucy many people are being scammed into buying fake drugs such as CPH4. For the sake of your health it is heavily advised not to consume any of these “medications”. In the case of fake CPH4 drugs the best thing that can happen is if you end up taking the enzyme as explained above. However, the worst is that you could consume something extremely dangerous. One never knows what you are receiving.

The real smart drugs

While just taking a simple tablet and becoming magically mentally all powerful is a fantasy there are some real nootropics available out there. The actual nootropic medication strengthens your already present connections in your brain and speeds up the rate at which those connections transfer information.

NSI 189 is one such nootropic medication available. It reduces your ability to become distracted and greatly increases concentration and recall of short term memories. This nootropic can overall improve your daily mental capacity and efficiency.

Known as the true “smart drugs”, Modalert / Modafinil and Waklert / armodafinil are other alternatives. They are utilized in reducing chronic sleepiness, shift-work sleep disorder, narcolepsy, and obstructive sleep apnea syndromes. They are quite well-known since as well as treating sleeping problems they provide extended mental energy and functioning.

These medications enhance brain functionality and performance with relation to intelligence. Those who have used the drugs have said to have increased focus, memory and acuity when they were tested throughout clinical testing. These drugs also could help in treating the symptoms of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Syndrome.

Where to buy modafinil, an alternative to CPH4?

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