Modafinil High: Reality, Exaggeration or Myth?

Modafinil is a prescription drug which is commonly sold as Modalert. It was originally intended to treat sleep-related disorders such as narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and shift work sleep disorder.

It’s been gaining widespread popularity in recent years due to its effectiveness as a cognitive enhancer. However, more and more people are also using it recreationally.

Hence, the question is:


Can Modafinil get you high?

That really depends on what you understand by “high”. Modafinil might not give you exactly what you want in this aspect.

If you’re thinking about getting messed up, high-in-the-sky, rolling-on-the-floor-laughing, then you’re in for some disappointment.

In fact, Modafinil does quite the opposite. It makes you sober, clear-headed and energized.

If you’re comparing it to stimulants, then yes, it does get you high, though it’s not exactly the best party drug. It will give you a slight mood boost, though users report considerably less euphoria than with other stimulants.

Unlike other nootropics such as Piracetam or Noopept, Modafinil noticeably alters your mental state. It’s quite stimulating in a manner comparable to a light dose of Adderall, though felt different than it.

The stimulation felt on Modafinil isn’t forced and you won’t feel compelled to move around. The stimulation is encouraged rather than forced, meaning that you won’t feel uncomfortable if you’re sitting down and not moving.

That’s because Modafinil is a eugeroic (a wakefulness-promoting agent), not a stimulant. Its mechanism of action is different than stimulants, which is why you will feel only a slight “crash” after the effects have worn off. Personally, I find that the crash goes away if I drink small amounts of caffeine. Modafinil does have a long half-life and will amplify other stimulants even after the main effects have worn off.

People may tell you that you’re high if you’ve taken Modafinil that day. That’s because Modafinil dilates the pupils. I have light-colored eyes, and my pupils are very visible, so if you have dark-colored eyes, that shouldn’t be a problem.


How does Modafinil make you feel?

Some people say that Modafinil makes you feel “like a strong cup of coffee”. The first feeling that you get is a sort of “tunnel vision”. The Modafinil high will cause you to be very focused on the task at hand. Almost like there wouldn’t be anything else except the task at hand.

I also find that switching tasks becomes incredibly easy. I’m not saying that you should be multitasking, but Modafinil definitely makes it easier and you won’t take so much to zone back into what you were doing.

Problem-solving is also a lot easier. Solutions seem accessible and creative blocks are easier to surpass. That’s what I’ve noticed when working,

In terms of stimulation, Modafinil produces one which is encouraged rather than forced (like the one felt on Adderall). You’ll feel the need to do mental or physical tasks that would otherwise have seemed difficult.

For me, Modafinil can either make you optimistic and social, or it can make me anxious and antisocial. The latter happens when I’m throwing in coffee in the mix as well. I usually drink coffee when taking Modafinil because of the obvious boost that it gives.

Several reports from Erowid and Reddit also confirm that the Modafinil high can go two ways. I think it depends largely on your own attitude towards a certain situation. If you find something entertaining, the effect will be amplified, though boring tasks won’t seem as boring either. I get bored easily in social situations if I happened to take Modafinil that day. It’s also something that I’ve read in a Vice article and on forums such as Reddit or Longecity.


So how does Modafinil feel like in a nutshell?

The Modafinil high is best described as the opposite of laziness, and the closest to feeling “Limitless” (like Brad Cooper in that movie). Yes, it did have a noticeable effect on my writing. I would have these great moments when I would write hundreds of words several times faster than I would normally.

It was also eye-opening to see the extent of how laziness was running my life. Modafinil did change that.


Modafinil Euphoria – Is it there?

The answer is yes. Although the euphoria felt on Modafinil is much lower than that of other traditional stimulants or entactogens, something is definitely there.

Some people call it a slight mood lift, though you can actually feel the full-blown. Modafinil is also a DRI (dopamine reuptake inhibitor) just like cocaine or amphetamine.

Thus, the chemical responsible for the high is dopamine, although it can’t be compared to the effect generated by stimulants such as cocaine or amphetamine.


How to boost the Modafinil high?

There are several ways you can potentiate the Modafinil high and euphoria. You should really consult your doctor before trying to combine two substances though. In fact, you should consult your doctor beforehand even when taking Modafinil. (Reminder: This blog isn’t a medically oriented. It’s made just to inform users regarding responsible use and help them better communicate their needs to their doctor.)

That said, I find Noopept and Modafinil to be the ultimate productivity and study aid. The added bonus is the social and mood factor that this stack so well excels at. Noopept is healthy for your brain and great for study, productivity and social situations even when taken alone.

Also, coffee is great when the effects have worn off and you feel like an extra boost is needed before finishing the workday. Be careful to not drink it at night, though. You’ll have serious difficulties when going to sleep.


Modafinil Comedown

The comedown from the Modafinil high is considered to be considerably lighter than traditional stimulants. Even people who have been taking it for years and have suddenly discontinued it didn’t feel down, depressed, tired, or anything of that sort.

Of course, when comparing the mental zone of Modafinil to the normal one, it may feel as if you’re tired.


How much Modafinil to take the first time?

The optimal Modafinil dosage differs from person to person, yet there seems to be some things that people commonly agree with.

As many other bloggers and long-term users have stated, the ideal dose to start with is 100 mg. I also think that 100 mg is quite enough to take the first time. You really get to experience the effects while minimizing the side-effects that could occur.

Oftentimes 50mg can be more than enough to get the desired effects, though it won’t be enough to feel the Modafinil high.


Should you be using Modafinil to get high?

Using Modafinil to get high isn’t quite the wisest decision. You may also be prone to drink alcohol, which may lead to awful headaches and severe dehydration, which may also keep you awake at night. It’s always best to try to stay away from abusing substances, and it’s no different from the Modafinil high.


Where can you buy quality Modafinil?

If you’re going to buy Modafinil online, you should pick a reliable vendor. There are many small ones that may or may not be serious. I always prefer staying safe, and that includes online purchases.